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Companies, regardless of the industry they belong to, go through different challenges.

We help companies to overcome technological hurdles, through a profound digital change, designed to streamline increasingly complex processes, through new technological solutions, in order to meet customer needs.


The Agriculture industry faces numerous challenges including cost control, scalability, tough competition and uncontrollable factors like the volatile and inevitable weather patterns, clubbed with the inventory requirements which are seasonal adding to the irregularity of the business planning.


The construction sector has always been a growth engine of the national economy with an important contribution to GDP. In the current context, the effective monitoring of construction projects, the tracking of resource use and the optimization of costs are more important than ever to maintain profitability and long-term financial health.


Distributors need to ensure that all their operations are optimally aligned with the demand. Working in separate systems to establish projections or sales forecasts is a poor substitute for a single, complete and up-to-date picture of this demand.


Utilities companies face the challenge of daily handling huge amounts of data. Integration between multiple applications, controlling and cash flow management are key aspects in the industry.

Financial Services

Financial services is a broad range of more specific activities such as banking, investing, and insurance.


Technology is driving change in almost every major industry and the healthcare industry is no exception. The challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic have set the evolution of the modern healthcare environment in motion. From the way data is stored and collected, patient surgeries, the need for rapid-changing procedures to how patients� health is monitored, healthcare services providers can make important changes by means of new technologies.


Manufacturing companies need to be flexible enough in order to remain competitive while responding to customers changing demands.

Public Sector

Governments and public authorities around the world are facing multiple challenges that could be more easily addressed with the help of modern technologies. Governments need to reimagine how digital technologies would lead to an increase in the efficiency and quality of public and administrative services. At the same time, state officials can promote transparent and efficient interaction with citizens, thus generating an improved level of public trust in government administrations.

Real Estate

The Real Estate sector is one of the most dominant sectors in every economy worldwide. Real estate companies must respond to the risks of today's market such as increasing customer demands, changing regulations and new economic realities, with innovative approaches and strategies.


Today's customers are rapidly changing their habits and expectations. They are better informed, more interactive and more selective than ever before. The retail sector must continiusly adapt and find orginal ways which will help to keep up with the new trends and innovative offers of the market.


Service companies are constantly facing the daily challenge of remaining competitive and improving customer satisfaction while operating within budgets in a fast changing environment where clients become more sophisticated and increase their expectations.


The biggest challenge of the hospitality sector is to adapt in the era of digital marketing while paying attention at the costs and operational efficiency which is more than ever concentrated on individualized customer needs and demands.

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Catalin Profir, CEO & co-fondator


"For Encorsa, Timeqode is an essential tool in digital transformation "

Ioan Burtea, Business Technology Director


"Timeqode helps Secom tremendously with time saving and workload reduction "

Marius Alexandru, CIO

Sphera Group

"Timeqode is one of the main initiatives that support digitalization for Sphera Group "

Monalisa Ungureanu, CEO


"With Timeqode the order processing time is reduced by 70% and orders are processed in a day at most. "

Alexandru Belei - IT Application Manager


"Digitalization helps us offer the best solutions in the shortest time possible "

Radu Negulescu - Partner Development Manager

Microsoft Romania

"Based on our experience in the last years, technology is a deflationary factor, allowing companies to adapt and grow "

Catalin Profir - Co-Founder & CEO


"The advantage of Timeqode is that it can integrate multiple applications, streamlining work in a single platform "

Ionut Scarlat - Chief Accountant


"Timeqode, Arggo`s low-code BPM platform, is one of our keys to success "

Manuel Simulescu - Sales Manager

Automobile Bavaria

"Timeqode helps us optimize our usage of time. Everything is two clicks away "

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