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Arggo Mobile WMS

The Mobile WMS@rggo is a complete and ready-to-use mobile solution that includes a mobile application and its integration to an ERP system. It enables warehouse employees to work effectively and make fewer mistakes. Information is available in real-time and the user can make the optimal decisions. Using the Mobile WMS@rggo enables customers to reduce costs and increase productivity.

What are the benefits?


Secure access with user authentification.

Real time access

Real time access to information. The processed documents on mobile devices are visible in real timpe in the ERP database.

Automated document registration

Automatic registration of documents from the ERP when the document is properly scanned from the mobile device.

Boost speed

Picking and storing the products becomes a much faster process, the mobile terminal displays the location (shelf) where to get and where to place the products.


You have the ability to customize the application according to the flow / specificity of each client's warehousing operations.

Why Arggo?

In an age of constant change when adaptability is imperative, we provide companies with the necessary tools and knowledge to help them regain their lost time and invest it more wisely. Our vision is to provide time-as-a-service through process digitalization for companies worldwide.
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