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What is RO e-Transport?

The RO e-Transport system supervises in real time the movement of high tax risk goods in the territory of Romania. In other words, with the help of RO e-Transport, the state will track not only the transport of high risk local purchases but also all the transports of tax risk goods, even of goods that are merely in transit in Romania.

If the New RO e-Transport system applies to you, the Timeqode RO e-Transport solution automates the processes required for reporting in the RO e-Transport system and facilitates significantly quicker, simpler, and less costly compliance with legal obligations.

How does RO e-Transport operate?

Any transport operation including goods falling into one of the following categories must be first registered in the RO e-Transport system; afterwards, it will receive a unique UIT code generated automatically by the system.

The UIT code is the unique code generated by the RO e-Transport system, and it helps to identify the goods associated with each business relationship involving the carriage of high tax risk goods. The road transport operator is required to hold the physical or electronic UIT code for the whole duration of the transportation, as well as the accompanying documents for the carriage of high tax risk goods.

Who is required to implement RO e-Transport?

The RO e-Transport system applies to the following types of transports:

● transports beginning and ending in the country’s territory
● any cross-border transaction beginning in Romania (e.g.: export, intra-Community supply)
● any cross-border transaction ending in Romania (e.g.: import, intra-Community purchase)
● any cross-border transaction in transit in the territory of Romania, because in this case also a part of the transport takes place in Romanian territory.

In accordance with the law, high tax risk goods carried on roads, subject to tracking via the RO e-Transport system, are:

● Vegetables, plants, roots, and tubers in the food category
● Edible fruit, peels of citrus fruit or melons
● Beverages, alcoholic liquids, and vinegar
● Salt, sulfur, soils, and stones, gypsum, lime, and cement
● Knitted or crocheted garments and clothing accessories
● Garments and clothing accessories other than knitted or crocheted
● Footwear and similar items or parts thereof
● Cast iron, iron, and steel

Advantages offered by Timeqode RO e-Transport:

Automates the processes required for reporting in the RO e-Transport system

Decreases significantly the duration required for reporting in the RO e-Transport system

Enables considerably faster and simpler compliance with legal obligations

Carried items can be imported from Excel based on a template, which saves time and reduces the number of errors

Can be integrated with the companies’ business solutions and it can be connected directly to NAFA’S information system

Collects and validates data from your business and your business partners’ systems, in order to generate the UIT code and its management

Eliminates the risk of occurrence of errors

Offers different reporting, integration, and data modification features

Can be used on any kind of device (mobile, laptop, tablet, desktop) and can be

Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, meaning reduced costs

Eliminates the risk of occurrence of errors

The solution is available in two languages: Romanian and English

Integration with NAFA takes place based on a token, having a 90-day validity, and the use of the authorized digital certificate is not required at each signing in

Users can see only the reports in Timeqode RO e-Transport and they do not have access to sensitive data in the Virtual Private Space (Spatiul Privat Virtual - SPV)

The solution can be used in multi-company mode from the same interface

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